Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last few days of service

Our service project is a classroom for the community that provides access to internet, computers, technology…etc. The classroom can be used for research and studying. Our service consists of painting the wire fence that will support the walls and help from future rust. We painted the wire fence black to help blend in with the rainforest. Today we will start mixing the cement to begin pouring and creating the walls. The weather while working on this project determines what exactly we will be doing with the project. Yesterday was nice and hot so we all painted. The sun helped the paint dry faster. A couple days ago it rained so we did some wiring instead of painting. Today in the morning we woke up to pouring rain so we delayed service for an hour.  Since the rain stopped this morning we are able to start mixing cement and start building the walls up of the classroom. We have two more days of service left. We are hoping that the weather helps us complete as much as possible in the service project. On Saturday afternoon the entire community will gather at a local school to help us celebrate our service.  We may even have a soccer game.


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