Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Having experienced homestays before in Guatemala, I was a little nervous to just be left on the front step, instead of meeting the families as a group, and getting to know them a little before we separated. But the second I heard how fast my host mother started filling in the silence as we got off the bus, I knew that coming up with something to talk about was not going to be a problem.  The family was extremely excited to get to know us, us being Luis, Damian, and me, Rafael.  The sleeping quarters were extremely comfortable, bugs aside, and the food was delicious. There were also plenty of neighbors and family friends that we got to meet! Massiel and Jennifer joined us for some card games later in the evening, after we woke up from our 2 hour nap, which was amazing and peaceful. I’ve started to fall in love with this family quickly, and just the thought leaving them, and how much harder it is going to be now, I get nervous, and scared.  The weather has been as kind as one can expect in Costa Rica, it is rainy, humid, and hot, but being surrounded by friends, and doing plenty of fun activities keeps our mind off the weather. This trip has been amazing so far, and we do miss our families, but at the same time, the longer we stay here, the harder it is going to be to leave this beautiful land, and these beautiful people. See you all soon!

Con experencia pasada, quedandome con una familia en Guatemala, estaba un poco nervioso cuando nadamas me dejaron en la puerta de la familia, y se fueron, en vez de conociendo a todas las familias juntos como un grupo, y despues separandonos. Pero el Segundo que oi la voz de mi mama Costa Ricense llenar el silencio, supe que no iva a ser un problema hablar con ellos.  La familia estaba muy emocionada a conocernos, nosotros siendo: Luis, Damian, y yo, Rafael.  Donde dormiamos esta muy agusto, sin ponerle attencion a la cantidad ridicula de insectos, y la comida era deliciosa.  Siempre habia sufficientes vecinos, y amigos de familia que conocer. Massiel y Jennifer vinieron a nuestra casa mas tarde despues de que tomamos una siesta de dos horas, la siesta siendo muy relaxante y calmada.  Me he estado enamorando de esta familia rapidamente, y nadamas la idea de dejandolos me asusta.  El ambiente y la temperature es tan gentil como uno puede expectar de Costa Rica. Caliento, humedo, y lluviendo todos los dias.  Pero siendo rodados de amigos y hacienda actividades divertidas nos quita la mente de la temperature dificil.  Este viaje ha sido hermoso, y extranamos a nuestras familias, pero al mismo tiempo, lo mas que nos quedamos aque, lo mas dificil que va a ser irnos de este pais tan hermoso, y estas personas tan hermosas.  Los vemos pronto!!


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